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Kanye West Collides With Nefarious Street Sign At 9021Pho

You best protect your neck!
You best protect your neck! Photo: Jurvetson/Flickr

What has the power to reduce a leather-clad bad boy of the music scene to a frustrated klutz resembling the rest of us? In Kayne’s case, it was a “Do Not Reverse” sign lying in ambush for him outside of 90210Pho. The Chi-Town rapper was in Beverly Hills last week, squiring Kim Kardashian to a Vietnamese lunch. Attempting to avoid publicity for the first time in his life, West hung his head low to shun the swarming paparazzi, when—Doink!—his big melon collided with a square metal sign warning drivers about “severe tire damage.”

Losing his legendary cool, and in dire need of an animate object to blame his boo-boo on, Yeezy lashed out at the closest photographer, striding towards him aggressively and crying, “I am not a gay fish! Stop taking fucking pictures.”

After casting one final screw-face at the villainous sign, the couple then ducked into the restaurant. It’s pretty fascinating to watch such a titanic ego deflate so fast, but fortunately, this was the only part of Kanye to get bashed. Also, since TMZ apparently does care about whacked people, there’s video of the superstar’s stunned reaction, finally answering his question, “Who gon stop me?”


Kanye West Collides With Nefarious Street Sign At 9021Pho