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Watch Eric Greenspan Sweat It Out In The Innner Sanctum Of Jitlada

Greenspan at Jitlada
Greenspan at Jitlada Photo: Tasted

What is Eric Greenspan working on now that The Foundry is closed for surgery? Instead of opening that damned grilled cheese restaurant he’s been talking about for the better part of this decade, the Bar Rescue and Next Iron Chef alum is starring in his own YouTube show on the Tasted channel called The Melt Master. This week, it’s Greenspan himself who melts after bringing it on down to Jitlada, L.A.’s titanic Thai champion.

The chef blows his mind and tastebuds on the piping hot “Dynamite Curry” of Suthiporn Sungkamee and Sarintip “Jazz” Singsanong, feeling like he’s been pepper sprayed from merely standing next to the chef. Then he takes a couple of brave bites. Describing the painful result, Greenspan says, “It was like swallowing razor blades…Then the chilies just declared war on my tongue, and I knew my colon was next.” Fortunately, the segment doesn’t get that far, but does show this animated L.A. chef tackling one of the city’s spiciest dishes, sweat, agony, and—of course—a Thai grilled cheese to follow. Take a look!

Thai Attack! Grilled Cheese Revenge - The Melt Master [YouTube]

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Watch Eric Greenspan Sweat It Out In The Innner Sanctum Of Jitlada