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Diving Dog Brewhouse, a D.I.Y. Beer Bar, Coming to Oakland Later This Year

Another day, another East Bay brewpub to look out for. Just yesterday we shared news of Brotzeit Lokal, a new German-style beer garden and boathouse headed to the Oakland Estuary, and that follows on a slew of other beer-related projects happening across the Bay, including the upcoming Hog’s Apothecary and Lost and Found, and the just open Moxy Beer Garden in Berkeley. Well, we missed one, and that would be Diving Dog Brewhouse, which will be a craft beer bar and brewery right across the street from the Fox Theater at 1802 Telegraph. But as owner Rob Bailard tells us, there’s more to this concept than just another beer bar. “It’s something that basically hasn’t existed in Northern California before,” he tells us. “A bar where you can brew your own beer on the premises, and come back two weeks later and drink it.”

Bailard explains that in addition to doing his own brewing under the Diving Dog label on the premises, there will be equipment and supplies, as well as recipes, to allow everyone from novice to experienced hobbyist brewers to brew their own beer. They can then come back two weeks later and bottle and label what they made, and go home with approximately a keg’s worth of custom, homemade beer.

Also, there will be a craft beer bar with 30 taps, and a light beer snack menu, with no kitchen on site for now.

Bailard is just now wending his way through the building permit process in Oakland, which has been delayed given the new concept. He’s now aiming for a late summer opening.

Diving Dog was one of a bevy of East Bay beer spots mentioned in this roundup on the Scoop, which includes the still newish sister restaurant to Beer Revolution, the vegan Olde Depot Public House.

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Diving Dog Brewhouse, a D.I.Y. Beer Bar, Coming to Oakland Later This Year