IDG’s Chi-Lin Opens Today Next To RivaBella

Chi-Lin Photo: Chi-Lin

Chi Lin, the sister restaurant coming next door to IDG’s RivaBella, opens this afternoon on the West Hollywood-Beverly Hills border. Much like RivaBella offered a bigger, flashier stage for chef Gino Angelini’s rustic Italian cooking, Chi Lin is providing a showcase for the kind of glammy Hong Kong cuisine favored by restaurateur, playwright, and film director Cecile Tang, long the owner of nearby gourmet Chinese restaurant Joss Cuisine. In a press release, the new Innovative Dining Group project is said to be serving “cuisine inspired by” Tang, hired as a consultant here, over dinner. The menu includes Joss standards like a Cantonese xiong-tong with Maine lobster and house-made noodles, and Pin Pei chicken carved table-side and served with hand-made crepes. In addition, the restaurant will tap the supply of A-5 Wagyu from IDG’s connects at Boa, to be seared and and served as a New York steak with XO sauce. And what’s the point?

Designed by Studio Collective, this is basically what anyone who is interested in high-priced Chinese food served in moody, nightclub-like spaces will be jocking until Hakkasan shows up later this year. That is, when they can’t get a foot into Mr. Chow.

Chi-Lin soft-opens tonight for a short preview period, after which it will crack the doors to its bar daily at 5:00 P.M.

Chi-Lin, 9201 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood; 310-278-2068.

IDG’s Chi-Lin Opens Today Next To RivaBella