Roy Choi’s Chego Reopens in New Chinatown Home

Chego in Chinatown
Chego in Chinatown Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Roy Choi’s Chego is now open in its new Chinatown home, having made the move from its Palms strip mall to an adorable Far East Plaza space that looks about one-third as big as the original, with a small patio strapped with picnic table for eating in the open air. So far, Chego’s greatest hits, like the sour cream hen house and chubby pork belly (apparently Nicole Kidman’s favorite, we’re told) rice bowls, Sriracha bars and ooey gooey fries are available here, along with special appearances from Choi’s grass-fed Chego burger with Thai basil and an open ended space for the chef to remix dub-plates of his dishes on a menu that will be translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Pooh-Ridin’: Roy Choi outside of Chego

This iteration of Chego will also be an all-day, everyday affair, open from 11:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. Loose talk also has it that the chef may be formulating new dishes for the days to come, including a possible deploy of Peking duck.

And while Westsiders may be disgruntled to lose one of their favorite L.A.-centric soul food spots, Choi’s team promises they have something up their sleeves for the region, with hints that it could be another Chego. The chef’s A-Frame and Sunny Spot continue to be popular draws around that area, and a Chego truck did once rule Overland in the wake of the restaurant’s closing.

But if the promise doesn’t extend to a new Chego location, it offers the even more titillating prospect of a possible new Choi concept, always reason for excitement no matter where you live in this great city. We’ll keep our eyes out, as always, for any news/wild rumors/premature bullshit.

Chego, 727 N. Broadway, No. 117 Chinatown; 323-380-8680.

Roy Choi’s Chego Reopens in New Chinatown Home