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Brü Craft & Wurst Has ‘Sneaky Fine-Dining Game Hidden Up Its Lederhosen’; Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat’s Grilled Ramps Are ‘Outrageously Delicious’

• Adam Erace gives newly opened indoor beer garden Brü Craft & Wurst a whirl, and reports back that despite the “frat-party stank on the place” there’s “some sneaky fine-dining game hidden up its lederhosen.” The “hulking” $48 mixed-meats-&-wursts platter sounds like a real wiener winner, and the house-cut fries are “some of the best in town.” But the meatballs rolled in flour before frying presented a “pasty film that clung to their outsides like papier-mâché,” and the “fragrant” spätzle had “absorbed all their butter in transit, leaving them dry and cool.” [Citypaper]

• “With a bottle of Côtes du Rhône in tow,” Phyllis Stein-Novack and hubby Edawrd check out the scene at Honey’s Sit ’N Eat’s newly launched South Street location, where the matzo ball soup’s homemade broth “twinkled with chicken fat,” but was in need of “a touch of salt.” A platter of “perfectly seasoned” fried green tomatoes “brought smiles all around”; “masterful” grilled ramps with romesco sauce was “outrageously delicious”; but the brisket platter came up short with “chewy” albeit “nicely seasoned” brisket that “did little to tempt [her] taste buds.” [South Philly Review]

Brü Craft & Wurst Has ‘Sneaky Fine-Dining Game Hidden Up Its