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Abigaile Team Conceiving A New Restaurant In Manhattan Beach

Tin Vuong
Tin Vuong Photo: Abigaile

Can’t-stop-don’t-stop chef Tin Vuong and Jed Sanford, the duo behind Hermosa Beach’s restaurant and brewery Abigaile and Culver City’s impressive new WildCraft Sourdough Pizza, are planning a new 50-seat restaurant right across the street from M.B. Post and new Fishing With Dynamite in the former Hamptons space. Debuting sometime before or in early summer of this year, the team is just calling it “little sister” for now, as the name is yet to be written in stone. Here Vuong plans to tackle dishes inspired by the European colonization of Southeast Asia, found most famously in the collusion of cuisines forming a wide breadth of what we know as Vietnamese food. To this end, the chef will put his eye on Dutch and British influences, with French techniques and Southeast Asian flavors, backed by craft beer, including special batches from Abigaile’s own supply, and lesser known wines.

Anthony Agriam’s Venice-based Bishop Pass is handling the design, inspired by a one-room schoolhouse feel and strains of a Singaporean shophouse, with a hodge-podge of Western and Eastern furniture, stenciled text (not quite like what Pennywise’s Fletcher did to Abigaile), floor-to-ceiling windows, and a central prep area framed by shelves and a grand bookcase installations.

Stay tuned for more as we learn exactly what the Abigaile army is bringing to Manhattan Beach.

Little Sister,” at 1131 Manhattan Ave. Manhattan Beach.

Abigaile Team Conceiving A New Restaurant In Manhattan Beach