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Yo Ku Mon and Island Monarch Coffee Coming to Culver City

Yo Ku Mon
Yo Ku Mon Photo: Joshua Lurie

Well well well, and who’s this irie little alien? Meet Yo Ku Mon, he’s the face of a new ice cream sandwich shop of the same name heading to Culver City in the next few weeks. Yo Ku Mon is a budding franchise concept with locations coming to Florida and Australia, serving bespoke, hand-made ice cream which purports to use organic fruits and herbs, and such additions as fresh vanilla beans for flavor, along with dough made in-house for cookies baked several times daily. While ice cream, yogurt, shaved ice and cookies are offered on their own, the option to have them together in two-dollar ice cream sandwiches also exists, with familiar flavors like green tea, rocky road, strawberry, and coffee among the multiple options. And speaking of coffee, what’s coming next door?

Coming from the exact same company that’s bringing you Yo Ku Mon, a new coffee place called Island Monarch Coffee is due next door. Similar to its sister business, Island Monarch makes a lot of bold claims about its sourcing, promising that the beans hit the store green and ready to be roasted right in front of you for every cup you buy. The shop will offer the usual roster of mocha, macchiatos, and cappucinos, with interesting variations like chocolate chai lattes, white chocolate mochas, and chocolate smootheis, and a highly caffeinated concoction called “Extreme Tea.”

Yo Kuh Mon and Island Monarch Coffee, coming to 10818 Jefferson Blvd. Culver City.

Yo Ku Mon and Island Monarch Coffee Coming to Culver City