The Great Outdoors

Where to Eat and Drink Right Now In the Great Outdoors

Devil's Den's outside tables await.
Devil’s Den’s outside tables await. Photo: Collin Keefe

Just like that, we’ve gone from breezy, mild spring to almost steamy summer. And as this warming trend is summoning some to prematurely bust out their shorts and flip-flops — not that we’re judging or anything — suddenly a fever to drink, eat, and be outdoors has swept the city. Bainbridge Street Barrel House is rising to the occasion, it rolled out al fresco seating for the first time yesterday, and says its LaBan-endorsed Porkenstein sandwich will keep you from sweating like a pig. For something a little more refined, next door at Bistro La Minette, Peter Woolsey has his garden and terrace open for outside seating, too.

• Brad Spence tweets that tables await guests out in front of Amis, and that “it’s not a drinking problem if you’re doing it outside.”

• Newly relocated Fond is now seating outside, where you can hear East Passyunk Ave.’s “Singing Fountain” sing.

MilkBoy recently rolled up the doors and spilled out on the street with an additional 24 seats.

Square 1682 is serving barkeep Chauncey Jane Scates’ new cocktails, and Chef De Cuisine Caitlin Mateo’s new dishes at its Sansom Street side.

• Townsend Wentz has been sprucing up the exterior at McCrossen’s Tavern with new signage, and awnings ahead of dining al fresco season. Now he’s added the seating.

• South Philly’s Devil’s Den has its tables, chairs and umbrellas out and ready to seat guests.

Where to Eat and Drink Right Now In the Great Outdoors