Per Se Vets Opening Uncle Boons in Nolita
Photo: Erin Kennedy/New York Magazine

Matt Danzer and Ann Redding met while they were cooking at Per Se and later opened Reddings Market, an upscale Shelter Island grocery. Their latest venture, Uncle Boons, is named after an uncle of Redding’s and devoted to the home cooking she grew up with in Ubon, Thailand’s easternmost province. The ten-seat bar faces a rotisserie, and the dining room is outfitted with a mirrored ceiling and roped pipes. The menu expands New York’s Thai-food horizons with dishes like grilled baby octopus (pictured), and seared chicken liver with pineapple curry and roti. Beer and wine will come on tap and by the pitcher.

Uncle Boons, 7 Spring St., nr. Elizabeth St.; 646-370-6650

*This article originally appeared in the April 15, 2013 issue of New York Magazine.

Per Se Vets Opening Uncle Boons in Nolita