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Sushi Zo Due Downtown in June

Keizo Seki at Sushi Zo
Keizo Seki at Sushi Zo Photo: KevinEats

Keizo Seki’s Sushi Zo, renowned for his warm rice sushi, self-made soy sauce, lengthy list of etiquette rules, and well-sourced omakase of nigiri and maki in a Palms strip mall, is branching out into a new Downtown location. L.A. Downtown News spots Sushi Zo coming to the Medallion mixed use building at Fourth and Main Streets, in a 1,700-square-foot space. The upscale sushi spot will eventually be accompanied by new retail and restaurant neighbors, with ten more eateries being courted for the soon-to-be-renovated development.

Sushi Zo, 334 S Main St. Downtown.

High End Sushi Restaurant Coming to Downtown in June [LADTN]

Sushi Zo Due Downtown in June