Stevo Dreams of Sushi

Tempura Matsu in Kyoto.
Tempura Matsu in Kyoto. Photo: Steve Dolinsky

As we knew from his twitter feed, Steve Dolinsky recently took one of our dream vacations— a trip all over Japan and Korea to eat, visit the Tsukiji market, eat and eat some more. But Twitter and Vine are not enough for such an epic adventure, and yesterday the Hungry Hound kicked off what will surely be a series of posts at his blog chronicling his adventures, such as at Tempura Matsu in Kyoto:

The takeaway for me, truly experiencing omotenashi, or Japanese hospitality. You see it in spurts in Chicago - a series of nigiri at Mirai or the congenial nature of Katsu-san when you dine at the sushi bar at his namesake on Peterson Avenue - but I’ve never experienced it from the moment I walked in through the front door all the way through to the taxi pulling away from the front curb. It felt as if my long-lost Japanese family was welcoming me back from a long semester away overseas, and they had been prepping and cooking all day, just for me.


Stevo Dreams of Sushi