Really Cool New Wine Club for Billionaires Opening in the Hamptons Next Month

“We will sell no wine before its time.”
“We will sell no wine before its time.” Photo: RADEK MICA/AFP/Getty Images

According to the Post, only 43 days remain before Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander opens his new Société du Vin on Butter Lane in the Hamptons. We really can’t wait that long, but we still need to check the couch cushions and hit up the Coinstar at Pathmark before we can write our checks for the $50,000 annual and $8,000 monthly fees anyway. “This is a place for people who love wine and love sharing their wine,” says Alexander. As if in ample demonstration of this point, the Post announces that the very spacious Société du Vin will not have a restaurant component, but it will have a kitchen where members can drop off their personal chefs who will then get started making “pairings for their guests.” Everybody likes a good pairing now and then, right?

So hey, all you rich guys (ladies, too, though we can’t seem to find anyone to link to here) who like to drink wine: The wood, stone, and leather-studded interior of 6,800-square-foot former potato barn (which has apparently been in the works for some time) was put together by designer Elvis Restaino. The Post mentions that he designed actor Gerard Butler’s high-gothic Manhattan loft, but we’ll always remember Restaino as the guy “who unwittingly opened a door to the Other Side” during a séance gone wrong back in ‘11. (Also, N.B.: “All manner of spirits — good and evil — can now slip through the portal into Madison County.”) Let’s hope no one tries to contact the other side out East this summer. Malevolent spirits have been known to cork a bottle or two.

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Really Cool New Wine Club for Billionaires Opening in the Hamptons Next Month