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SBE Opening Double Barrel Roadhouse in Vegas

DB Roadhouse will be found at a new complex replacing this plaza at The Monte Carlo
DB Roadhouse will be found at a new complex replacing this plaza at The Monte Carlo Photo: Rob Young/Flickr

SBE’s engineered sense of exclusivity must leave the L.A.-based hospitality company with a quandary now that it’s operating so heavily in Vegas: How to squeeze a dollar out of all the rabble rejected at the door of Hyde? The solution: Double Barrel Roadhouse, a restaurant and bar dedicated to American comfort food, craft beer, and live music coming to the Monte Carlo casino. You see, this kind of honky-tonk swagger goes over huge in Vegas (see The Lynyrd Skynyrd restaurant, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill, and the PBR Rock Bar), with much more general appeal for the majority than the high-priced tasting menus of Joel Robuchon and the canvases dotting the walls at Picasso.

Sure, SBE has its very own Vegas hotel this thing could go into. But we think it’s intended for a different demographic, the one that prefers Guy Fieri to Guy Savoy. The same one that would normally be cast out of the sight-line of the Paris Hiltons of the world. Those who refuse to make it rain by throwing their hard-earned money on the floor. Or as the press release claims, “to appeal to guests of Monte Carlo as well as the tens of millions of visitors to the Las Vegas Strip annually” and “intended to appeal to the Strip’s broad consumer base.”

Double Barrel Roadhouse will take space on the facades of New York-New York and the Monte Carlo, connecting the two properties in an outdoor shopping and eating experience that replaces the current fountain-based plaza. The restaurant’s design will be handled by Mark Zeff, who lent his eye to Mercato di Vetro and Greystone Manor, with the look of a rustic barn saloon under corrugated iron and wood for a design described as “stylish and high-energy, yet brave and masculine.” Is anyone else turned on yet?

No word on the food save for the general description of “American fare with big flavors and big portions,” as well as craft beer, cocktails, and wine, with (oh-uh, here comes the inevitable SBE-ness of it all) bottle service labeled as “approachable” (were guessing buckets of Bud). The venue will also feature live music and “bar rituals,” which may be carried out by “DB Girls” interacting with the crowd.

Look forward to an opening in early 2014. Or don’t.

SBE Opening Double Barrel Roadhouse in Vegas