Rich Table Hosting First Ever Fried Chicken Dinner

Rich Table
Rich Table Photo: Andrei Riskin

In case you didn’t know, Rich Table is open on Mondays, but closes on most Tuesdays. On Tuesday, April 23, though, they’ll be opening up for their first ever Sally Hurricane’s Southern Fried Chicken Dinner. Sally Hurricane is actually Sarah Rich’s alter ego, and being that she comes from Texas, we trust she can fry up a good yardbird. See the menu below, and at $35 a person, it’s basically a steal.

Bar manager Jason “Buffalo” LoGrasso will be mixing up a whiskey and sun tea drink he’s dubbed Foghorn’s Leghorn. And if you’re curious what a “Dirty Hippie” might be, see our explanation here.

Reserve a seat at 415-355-9085.

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Rich Table to Up Their Bar Game With Jason ‘Buffalo’ LoGrasso

Rich Table Hosting First Ever Fried Chicken Dinner