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In-Flight Ramen Fight Leads to Passenger’s Arrest at LAX

Exhibit A.
Exhibit A. Photo: Afroswede/Flickr

A Korean man flying from Seoul to the U.S. was arrested at LAX this past weekend after starting an in-flight fight over his tray-table meal. According to Rocket News 24, the business class traveler, believed to be an executive with Koren iron manufacturer Posco, asked a member of the Korean Airlines cabin crew to exchange his dinner option for something else to eat. When the female flight attendant brought him ramen, this unidentified food critic reportedly yelled out, “Too salty and the noodles are half-cooked!” Following his jab at the cooking, the executive then struck the bearer of bad ramen across the face with a magazine, which is the kind of move that might fly in Korea’s rigid corporate hierarchy, but definitely not on an airplane.

The crew called the incident in and none other than the FBI itself came to the airport to take custody of the man, who was said to have been rude and disruptive well before contracting ramen rage.

Rather than suffer L.A. jail food, the offender chose to be sent back to his country of origin, with Posco formally apologizing in public for the incident and firing the man, while Korean bloggers continue to sass him in a search for his real identity.

Nonetheless, despite the executive’s breakdown, something about the furor being all about ramen makes this fast food-freak-out seem scores classier than your average American story of dealing with a botched order.

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In-Flight Ramen Fight Leads to Passenger’s Arrest at LAX