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Regarding ‘Humane’ Slaughter, and How It’s Done at Prather Ranch

Prather cows.
Prather cows. Photo: Michael Friberg/Modern Farmer

The new magazine for design-conscious armchair farmers, Modern Farmer, has a piece about modern slaughter practices that focuses on local meat company Prather Ranch. Writer Mac McClelland goes to the Prather slaughterhouse in Redding, California to observe the process in person, and she comes away feeling a little queasy, and confused about what constitutes “humane,” anyway. It does not seem that the cows are suffering, but the mooing bothers her a bit. Still, McClelland concludes that slaughterhouse managers Jim and Mary Rickerts do indeed “Give [the cows] the best life possible,” and do their best to follow all the humane handling guidelines. It’s just, you know, still hard to watch. [Modern Farmer]

Regarding ‘Humane’ Slaughter, and How It’s Done at Prather