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Paul and Ringo Couple Up at Cecconi’s; Miley Cyrus Gets Blunted at Greystone Manor

Meet The Beatles
Meet The Beatles Photo: Michellerocks (:/Flickr

Living Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were spotted in West Hollywood this week, chowing down at Cecconi’s with their wives and respective entourages. We’re sure Paul would have had more ordering options at Seed or M Cafe, but nonetheless it’s nice to see the lads getting back together, innit? In other news, we ran smack dab into Ke$ha at Ralph’s in Venice, Jennifer Aniston navigated an awkward encounter with ex-boyfriend John Mayer at Tower Bar, and Miley Cyrus was spotted sucking on a giant Buddha bomb at Greystone Manor, just a week after Rihanna was photographer doing the same thing and making it look much cooler. While we try and verify if SBE is formally hatching the city’s first Prop.15-friendly celebrity hotspot, check out the latest in celebrity sightings below.

Bootsy Bellows: Leonardo DiCaprio partied at the club’s Coachella outpost. [E!]

Casa Vega: Kim Kardashian came twice last week, which kinda makes sense since she’s eating for two. [GS]

Cecconi’s: Paul and Ringo were ‘avin a little dinner together with their two birds, see? [Examiner]

Crustacean: The Kardashians celebrated a family birthday on Wednesday night. [Daily Mail]

Greystone Manor: Miley Cyrus was spotted with her left hand on a forty, puffing on a blunt on Sunday. [TMZ]

The Ivy: Sharon Osbourne wore her wedding ring to lunch with Kelly, amid rumors that her marriage is on the rocks. [Hello]

La Scala: Kim Kardashian’s gotta eat somewhere, right? [OK]

Ralph’s: We spotted Ke$ha on her cell-phone last night in Venice, trolling the aisles. Two bottles of Georgi later and we’re BBF4LIFE @BBF4LIFE #BFF4LIFE! [GS]

Tower Bar: Jennifer Aniston and her dude had to sit near ex-boyfriend John Mayer on Wednesday. Drew Barrymore, Chelsea Handler, and Andre Balazs were at their table.[Yahoo!]

Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air: Chelsea Handler and boyfriend Andre Balasz were spotted over dinner this week. [BT]

Paul and Ringo Couple Up at Cecconi’s; Miley Cyrus Gets Blunted at Greystone