Santa Monica Neighbor Trying to Kill Palihouse’s Buzz

Palihouse Santa Monica
Palihouse Santa Monica Photo: Palihouse

Plans for a Santa Monica location of Palihouse, opening this summer in the former Embassy Hotel Apartments, are hitting a small snag, as a direct neighbor of the property’s courtyard is trying to rally citizens against liquor license approval for owner Avi Brosh’s expansion. Laura Wilson, who has lived in Santa Monica for thirteen years, takes issue with Brosh’s intent to offer guests a lobby lounge with cocktails and bar food in the evenings. Wilson, envisioning late night revelers and the wafting miasma of cigarette smoke breaking her beauty sleep, tells Patch, “It’s too close to a residential neighborhood to have that type of activity…I’m going to do my best to stop it.” Now she’s trying to get neighbors together to protest the application in a public hearing.

Brosh and his team, for their parts, argue that the Santa Monica property is vastly smaller than the more infamous West Hollywood location, which also has a full-service restaurant. Trying to take neighbors’ concerns seriously, the team thinks the lounge won’t ever become overloaded given its lack of standing room. Brosh defends the project and his guests by telling the site, “This is not a party hotel. It’s not like we do Red Bull parties, we don’t do wet t-shirt contests.”

Not on the owner’s side? Wilson happens to be an attorney and intends to make it her full-time “job” to stymie Palihouse’s party plans in Santa Monica.

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Santa Monica Neighbor Trying to Kill Palihouse’s Buzz