What to Eat at Osawa, Opening Tomorrow in Pasadena

Osawa Photo: Osawa

Sayuri Tachibe is opening Osawa tomorrow in the former home of Pasadena’s Shaab, replacing the Japanese mediocrity of that restaurant with a newly invigorated selection of izakaya snacks (called sakana or otsumami), shabu shabu, and sushi. Sayuri is a former model-turned-Chaya Brasserie hostess-turned-manager who eventually married the brand’s corporate chef, Shigefumi Tachibe. Her aim here is to exemplify the Japanese art of hospitality (omotenashi) while chef de cuisine Norio Yoshikawa (Katsuya, Kagaya) prepares innovative bar dishes like shishito tempura-stuffed spicy tuna and grilled Hokkaido scallops with nori pesto butter.

His kara-age employs Jidori, his sushi includes Santa Barbara uni and Koda Farms’ brown rice, and his shabu shabu is based on Kurobuta pork, USDA prime rib eye beef, and even high-grade Saga prefecture Wagyu (at $89 a plate), all paired with ponzu, soy sauce, and a complex sesame oil made by his own hands. In addition, one will find a unique tsukemen udon and a 25-spice beef curry rice in Yoshikawa’s ingredient-selective selection of traditional and innovative Japanese cooking.

Opening for lunch at 11:00 A.M. tomorrow, Osawa’s full lunch, dinner, and sushi menus are below for your consideration.

Osawa, 77 N. Raymond Ave. Pasadena, 626-683-1150.


homemade seasonal fruit lemonade 3.5

garden medley 11
cold tofu/kale sesame/vegetable soup/eggplant miso/hijiki brown rice

soy glazed free-range chicken breast 11
with salad. miso soup. cabbage. organic semi brown rice

japanese home style beef curry rice 9
chunky beef. organic semi brown rice

shrimp/vegetable tempura and mini zaru soba 11
shrimp. shiitake. kabocha. shishito tempura. organic brown rice. miso soup

cold tsukemen udon sesame sauce 10
cucumber. kale. daikon . kaiware

kurobuta pork ginger 12
ginger soy marinated pork. caramelized onion and cabbage served with organic semi brown rice and miso soup

baked soy marinated black cod 14
with salad. cold tofu. organic semi brown rice. miso soup

tuna zuke bowl and udon 13
marinated tuna. shredded nori. udon w/ soy glazed inari skin and green onions

omakase sushi combo 26
9 piece sushi 1 roll/miso soup

chef’s choice sashimi lunch 18
today’s sashimi. miso soup

beef shabu shabu 14
tofu. nappa cabbage. udon

tonkotsu kurobuta pork shabu shabu 13
sliced pork. lettuce. ramen noodle


otsumami: something to go with your drink

edamame sea salt 4

fried potato with shichimi yuzu aioli 4

grilled organic young bamboo with yuzu moro miso 7

seafood cigar with to-ban-jan mayo 8

jidori kara-age with shiso balsamic ponzu 8

octopus nori tempura with ume shiso pesto 9

bagna couda (farmers market organic vegetable) 8

agedashi tofu. tomato. ginger dashi broth 8

shishito tempura stuffed spicy tuna. sweet soy 8

grilled hokkaido scallop. nori pesto butter 10

tender beef tongue and furofuki daikon. shaved kelp 11

fresh mizuna. daikon salad. crunch ume. jako fish. asian vinaigrette 8

baked oyster seaweed soy lemon butter 12

king salmon ceviche with yellow chili lemon soy 14

seared albacore yuzu black pepper vinaigrette 13

hawaiian ahi tuna poke 16

ahi tuna tataki. avocado. popped wild rice. sesame ponzu 15

1/2 dozen fresh half shell oyster 19

osawa shokado bento 25
sushi, sashimi appetizer. fish and meat medley

osawa special shabu shabu

prime rib eye 24

wagyu beef from saga 89

tonkotsu kurobuta pork 21

today’s seafood (ask server) 26

osawa shabu shabu additional
1/2 prime beef 12
1/2 wagyu beef 39
1/2 kurobuta pork 9

ice cream or sorbet 3.25
black sesame soy milk panna cotta 3.75
organic caramel flan 3.75


2 pcs

Scallop $6 $11
Shrimp $6 $11
Salmon $6 $11
Ahi Tuna $6 $12
Yellow Tail $6 $12
Albacore $5 $10
Unagi $6 $12
Hirame $6 $12
Sweet Shrimp $7 $14
Ikura $7
Santa Barbara Uni $9
Toro M/P M/P

Rainbow $15
California Roll/ Tuna/ Yellowtail/ Salmon
White Fish/ Shrimp/ Avocado

Dragon $14
Spicy Tuna/ Cucumber/ Eel & Avocado

Red Dragon $14
Spicy Tuna/ Asparagus/ Cucumber/ Avocado

Spicy Tuna $9
Spicy Tuna/ Cucumber

California $8
Snow Crab/ Cucumber/ Avocado

Crunch Shrimp $11
Shrimp Tempura Roll/ Spicy Mayo/ Asparagus

Spider $18
Soft-Shell Crab/ Avocado/ Cucumber/ Kaiware Gobo/ Smelt Egg

Salmon $18
Salmon/ Snow Crab/ Avocado/ Cucumber

What to Eat at Osawa, Opening Tomorrow in Pasadena