Nozawa Bar Opens at Sugarfish Beverly Hills

Chef Osamu Fujita
Chef Osamu Fujita Photo: Nozawa Bar

Acclaimed Studio City sushi chef Kazunomi Nozawa packed up his knife last year to concentrate his energies on overseeing the six-strong Sugarfish chain. The restaurant’s latest location, a Canon Drive address in Beverly Hills, just opened its own 10-seat counter-side space named Nozawa Bar, giving guests a 20-course omakase experience prepared by Osamu Fujita, a Master Chef from Saitama with decades of local experience, moving from jobs in Little Tokyo to a La Jolla Hyatt, a company in which he later assumed the corporate exec. chef position, before opening Marssa Restaurant at Lake Las Vegas.

And even though putting Nozawa’s name in the title sort of raised our hopes the master and alleged “sushi Nazi” might make a return to the raw game, Fujita is said to be a 30-year friend who will make daily trips aside Nozawa to the their favorite fish markets. The new omakse offering, said to contain “more adventurous” sushi based around nigiri, sashimi, and whale handrolls, is priced at $130 per person for lunch and $150 at dinner.

Nozawa Bar, N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills;310-276-6900.

Nozawa Bar Opens at Sugarfish Beverly Hills