Nikita Signage Appears Next to Nobu Malibu

The hotly debated space
The hotly debated space Photo: Studio PCH

Last month, rumors flew regarding Wolfgang Puck and his potential take-over of the Carbon Beach restaurant space next to Nobu Malibu. Largely sparked by a blast from Haute Living ahead of its interview with Puck (one we’re yet to ever see), in which the project was supposedly mentioned, it appears it may have been a false lead. Today, Malibu Times zeroes in on new signage on the project for something called “Nikita.”

Civic records show that the name was registered by Malibu Cantina LLC, a shell company believed to be owned by Oracle Corp.’s Larry Ellison, who also owns the two side-by-side buildings. Sources working with the space continue to tell media that a Mediterranean-influenced seafood restaurant is destined to take over this spring, while Puck’s people are staying . Sure, the new signage and denials could always be red herring, but they more than likely reveal that Puck does not have designs on the space.

Signs appear on vacant restaurant next to Nobu [Malibu Times]

Nikita Signage Appears Next to Nobu Malibu