Naan ’n’ Curry Owner Is Also an Accused Slumlord

Naan-n-Curry's Tenderloin location.
Naan-n-Curry’s Tenderloin location. Photo: Yelp

C.W. Nevius and the SF Appeal call our attention to Tenderloin landlord Atique Rehman, who also happens to be the owner of the ever-popular Naan ‘n’ Curry chain. Rehman seems to be in danger of losing a 20-unit building he owns at 308 Turk Street to foreclosure after he’s racked up $38,000 in building violations with the city. The Appeal notes that Rehman also called attention to himself in 2011, when he was accused by some employees of wage theft, and he shot back that they were all “manipulating the system,” and he was now fingerprinting every employee every time they clocked in or out. That’s certain to foster a nice work environment.

Rehman also gave a choice quote in that 2011 piece about how “The Spanish employees are [manipulating the system] with all the businesses around the neighborhood.”

Nevius reports that Rehman has copped to “financial problems” in speaking with buildings inspectors. This may or may not have any impact on the restaurants, but it may mean he won’t be a landlord much longer.

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Naan ’n’ Curry Owner Is Also an Accused Slumlord