Check Out the Cool New Lounge and Entry at Meadowood

The new lounge, and front door.
The new lounge, and front door. Photo: Creel Films

A few weeks back we mentioned the newly remodeled front entry, bar, private dining room, and lounge at Meadowood, which comes with a new bar menu and three-course option aimed at locals. We haven’t made it up there yet to check it out ourselves, but the restaurant has just released a few photos of the new space designed by architect Howard Backen, which features a 20-foot vaulted ceiling, two fireplaces, and new lounge seating area where there used to be a covered, outdoor rotunda with a rock outcropping in the middle of it. Those of who have been up there will also be glad to know that you no longer need to walk outdoors to get to the restrooms.

See another photo below, and take note that there are now eighteen reservable seats in the lounge, which are available starting at 5 p.m., and guests have the option of just a drink or a glass of wine, ordering one of the new $20 “snack” items from chef Christopher Kostow (who’s up for another Beard Award next month), or trying the new $90 three-course menu. The regular, $225 nine-course menu is only available in the main dining room.

The view toward what used to be the front door. Architect Howard Backen has enclosed what was formerly the outdoor, covered rotunda that had a large rock in the center of it. Photo: Creel Films

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Check Out the Cool New Lounge and Entry at Meadowood