Max Fish Moving to Williamsburg After 24 Years on Ludlow Street

The original.
The original. Photo: Lauren Klain Carton

Ludlow Street institution Max Fish is the Bob Dylan of bars, moving patrons to see multiple meanings in its legendary life of over two decades. It’s been a refuge for freaks and artists, somewhere to sip beer between shows, a weird grab bag of a pickup bar where you were equally likely to find a one-night stand or someone from Romania who’d eventually become a serious pen pal — it just wasn’t really ever your choice, and that was fun. Owner Ulli Rimkus, who even got The New Yorker treatment in 2011, has had a tough go of trying to make the old bohemian bar work in the new Lower East Side, where rents are abruptly quintupled. That’s what killed the Pink Pony earlier this year, and now it seems Max Fish has had enough and will finally move out of Manhattan.

Bowery Boogie and others have noticed Rimkus has started a petition for the purposes of securing a liquor license in Williamsburg at 132 Metropolitan Avenue. It asserts, as Rimkus has stated previously, “we’ll take the spirit and everything else with us.” The bar’s proprietor appeared at Community Board 1 Brooklyn’s meeting on April 9, and is asking those who want to see Max Fish live to see another day to sign.

Max Fish Moving [Ipetitions]
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Max Fish Moving to Williamsburg After 24 Years on Ludlow Street