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Liev Schreiber Thwarts Cannibal Attack at Giorgio Baldi

“Just Liev me alone!” Photo: Porter Hovey/Flickr

Actor Liev Schreiber diffused a tense situation in the parking lot of Santa Monica’s Giorgio Baldi this past weekend. And that’s not even the good part. That distinction surely goes to one of the establishment’s waiters, who leaped to the actor’s defense by threatening to make a quick snack out of the pushy paparazzo getting in Schreiber’s face. The blood-thirsty waiter exploded when a camera grazed him, yelling, “You touch me with that and I will eat you alive! You understand? I will eat you!” Somehow, the physically challenging threat does not sound like an empty one coming from this angry Adam Goldberg look-a-like.

Fortunately for everybody involved, Schreiber wedged himself between the aggressor and his human staff meal and convinced the camera-strapped morsel that “it’s not worth it,” presumably right before retreating into the restaurant for liver with some fava beans with a nice Chianti. To the world’s relief, TMZ was laying in the bushes to get the whole incident on camera.

Liev Schreiber Breaks Up Pap Fight w/ Cannibal Waiter [TMZ]

Liev Schreiber Thwarts Cannibal Attack at Giorgio Baldi