A Look Back at Le Grand Fooding Crush LA
Josef Centeno at Le Grand Fooding Crush LA

Le Fooding, the Paris-based guidebook searching for the honest core in contemporary French cuisine, held its first event in Los Angeles this weekend. Subdued soirees held on Friday and Saturday nights on the front lawn of MOCA, Le Fooding curated a small selection of local chefs and Parisian imports to cook side-by-side, making use of sublime California ingredients for small servings like Roy Choi’s remix of his famous Kogi tacos, pulled lamb sliders from Frenchie’s Gregory Marchand, and a drinkable pizza coming from the collaboration between Jean-Francois Piege and Chateau Marmont chef Carolynn Spence. Over a curious soundtrack, we lurked around Friday night’s festivities to see who and what Le Fooding was crushing on in Los Angeles. Come take a peek at the chefs and dishes in our slide show look back at Le Grand Fooding Crush L.A.’s opening night.

Kicked off Friday evening at MOCA.
Guests were given colorful tickets bearing cartoons of the participating chefs.
Of Mozza and Short Order. 
The crew grilling beef tagliata, which was served with rucola, Parmigiano, and aged balsamico, drawing the longest lines of the evening.
Tell us how you really feel, chef.
Choi, who handed out a remixed recipe of his famous short rib taco featuring mole and spicy fried kim chi, provided a cordial, grounded presence at the event.
Was there to ensure the bubbles went straight to your head. At $15 a flute, many chose to demur from an extra glass.
Designed by Shepard Fairy and France’s great Andre Saraiva.
After settling in to a mellow mood, things took a bit of a strange turn following the dip into the Twin Peaks theme, with many attendees openly complaining about the Euro tunes.
Of Frenchie in Paris.
Pulled lamb sliders with mint on a brioche bun.
The chef-owner of Baco Mercat and Bar Ama.
Our favorite dish of the evening, Centeno prepared a pleasing flavor and textural landscape of amberjack ceviche with tangerines, English peas, bacon, and mustard seeds.
The truck was overseen by Chateau Marmont’s Carolynn Spence and Paris chef Jean Francois Piege.
The two chefs collaborated on a drinkable pizza, served aside a slice of real pizza.
With actor Billy Zane.
Of Saturne in Paris prepared this dish of wrapped Alaskan King crab with nasturtium, beetroot, and horseradish.
Of Le Chateaubriand in Paris prepared a deeply savory plate of fresh, mixed beans with brown butter, mixing the rich with the naked and natural.
Plates like Jordan dunking, with his tongue out.
Alan Jackson’s brigade handled dessert, including these apple pies, as well as housemade Ding Dong cake.
Strawberry rhubarb macarons.
A Look Back at Le Grand Fooding Crush LA