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Horse Thief BBQ Coming to Grand Central Market

Horse Thief BBQ
Horse Thief BBQ Photo: Horse Thief BBQ

Horse Thief BBQ, a new restaurant dedicated to Texas-style meats, announces its newly signed lease at Downtown’s Grand Central Market, the second new vendor to be confirmed on the food court’s changing countenance. Given the date on our calendars and the controversy still raging on about the world’s current (dis)taste for horse meat, we’re treating this news with healthy suspicion, lest it turn out to be some sort of a fake. So far, it all looks fairly legit, with great big hunks of black-crusted brisket, blushing pork ribs, pork belly, turkey, cornbread, and chicken legs offered on the Facebook page of this new stall, which appears to be under the direction of chef Russell Malixi.

Johnny Lee, the Spirits House chef that helped to open Sticky Rice at Grand Central Market last week, came by for brisket yesterday at what the restaurant calls its “Sunday pop-up,” with no fixed details on whether the stall is up and running just yet. A website for the restaurant says it will be “grilling soon.” So please, just hold your horses.

Horse Thief BBQ, 317 S Broadway Downtown.

Horse Thief BBQ Coming to Grand Central Market