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Guy Fieri’s Favorite Band Is Called Sophistafunk, Naturally

He's with the band.
He’s with the band. Photo: Courtesy of Fork in the Road/Village Voice

Here we thought that Guy Fieri had the softest spot for Smash Mouth, but we thought wrong: Fork in the Road tells the absolutely true and sometimes poignant story of Sophistafunk, a Syracuse-area band that flew to California earlier this year to play Fieri’s birthday party. Front man Adam Gold passed the chef a promo CD after Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives taped a segment at his restaurant, which is called Funk ‘N Waffles. (“I’m listening to Track 7,” Fieri called from the road. “You guys are blowing my mind.”) Gold says he thinks the infamous Times review didn’t faze the Food Network host, who comes off here as a genuinely nice guy. “He does his thing,” says Gold, “and he does it well.”

Anyway, the self-described “analog-soul trio” is playing a New York show tonight that will in part help them retrofit their van to go biodiesel, a project you can check out here. In the meantime, check out “You Gotta Walk,” a new Sophistafunk song.

Meet Sophistafunk, Guy Fieri’s Favorite Band [Fork in the Road/VV]
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Guy Fieri’s Favorite Band Is Called Sophistafunk, Naturally