SoWe Serving Free Lunch Today

SoWe Wowie!
SoWe Wowie! Photo: SoWe

With the mercury expected to rise higher than 70 degrees today, G-Ho hotspot SoWe is making good on its promise of serving free lunch for the first time the temperature goes that high this spring. So, from noon to 2 p.m. today, guests dine for free. There’s a catch, though. Only those who choose to sit outside can cash in on the deal. Those who do will be entitled to a complimentary sandwich or burger from Chef Jen Choplin’s new menu. Keep reading to see what the options for the gratis grub include.

SoWe Burger
Half-Pound Angus Burger, Fried Peppers & Onions, Sharp Cheddar, Naturally Smoked Applewood Bacon, Horseradish Mayo on Brioche

Hoisin Glazed Crispy Pork Belly
Spicy Mayo, Radish & Herb Salad on Brioche

Vegan Reuben
Pastrami Spiced Seitan or Tofu, Beet & Carrot Slaw, Vegan Russian Dressing on Marble Rye

Grilled Cheese
Prima Donna, Fig Jam, Pickled Red Onion, & Bacon on Sourdough

Crab Cake Sandwich
Caper Dill Aioli, Lettuce, Charred Tomato & Onion Relish on Brioche

Chicken Tartine
Sliced Roasted Chicken Breast, Rhubarb Compote, Black Pepper, Whipped Goat Cheese, Arugula on Toasted Baguette

Meatball Sub
Garlic Meatballs with Brown Gravy, Mushrooms & Onions on Baguette

Sliders on Brioche (3)
All Sliders Served Medium with Onion Straws. Choice of: Hoison Glazed Crispy Pork Belly, Vegan Reuben, Chickpea Fritter, Lamb Burger (with Carmelized Onion & Peppadews), Meatball, or Chicken Mole

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SoWe Serving Free Lunch Today