News Roundup: GrMail, To Serve Pigeon, Littlest Goat, Butcher & Larder Changes

GrMail Photo: courtesy Groupon

A number of stories broke today that we want to make sure and take note of before the day is out. Groupon has rebounded from the slough of despond that followed the defenestration of CEO Andrew Mason with its first new product initiative since the announcement: GrMail, a new form of email:

After signing up for a GrMail account, type your email to a friend, family member, or even a loved one into GrMail’s “email box.” Next, click “iDEALize” to populate your email with links to great Groupon offers. With your email now “iDEALized,” you’re ready to click “Send” and give the recipient a fun and rewarding email to read for probably the first time in his or her life.

• At the Reader, Mike Sula tries to hold onto his crown as the king of urban-foraged proteins by recounting his adventures crafting beer-can pigeon:

I was able to source a flock of humanely killed city pigeons—I won’t say where—but let’s just say they won’t be keeping anyone awake anymore. First, I dunked them briefly in pot of boiling water to loosen their feathers, then plucked them clean before gutting them. I’m sure you know how that goes.

Commenters seem to think the post is a joke, but in fact the idea of beer-can squab has unimpeachable credentials— from none other than chef Charlie Trotter at last year’s $2500-per-person farewell dinner.

• Also in the small and cute department, Gapers Block has the news that Stephanie Izard is collaborating with the Lincoln Park Zoo on a petting zoo called The Littlest Goat.

• And Sky Full of Bacon reports that the beloved whole animal butcher shop The Butcher & Larder will be seeing some changes including a second floor lounge and curated sausage flights, as a result of its new partners.

Any stories of this type we missed, please post below. UPDATE: Chicagoist points us to this one from Malort (and compliments The Butcher & Landan).

News Roundup: GrMail, To Serve Pigeon, Littlest Goat, Butcher & Larder Changes