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Five More Restaurant Gems on The Road to Coachella

Kiyoshi Ishikawa at Kiyosaku in Palm Springs
Kiyoshi Ishikawa at Kiyosaku in Palm Springs Photo: Kiyosaku

Tomorrow you may be returning to the high heat, long walks, sweaty bodies, and split eardrums of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Last Friday, we directed you to a few points of interest along the way to get your hands on date shakes, crazy tacos, and date bacon burgers. This week, we have five more suggestions for cute, quirky, and satisfying stops to eat at, both on the road and once you’ve hit your destination. Come take a look!

The Hat: Need fuel for your fire? The San Gabriel Valley’s famous burger and French dip chain has a Rancho Cucamonga location that should keep your caravan full for hours on a menu all under ten bucks. Get a to-go order for the whole car, just make sure you don’t pass on the sandwiches and burgers that teeter with thinly-sliced, tender pastrami. And though they’re pretty good, you may want to skip the chili cheese fries out of consideration for your company. 8030 Monet Ave. Rancho Cucamonga; 909-646-7600.

Luscious Lorraine’s: Just look what you’ve done to your liver in two days. Time to detox! This juice bar and health food restaurant will supply you with a taste of West Hollywood in the Palm Desert, serving dainty dishes of farmed produce and organic meats, with plentiful options for vegans, vegetarians, and raw foodists. Juice fanatics have smoothies and fresh pressed nectars to rally around. 73-910 Highway 111, Suite E. Palm Desert; 760-862-1911.

Kiyosaku: Seeking high-quality sushi in Palm Springs? Kiyoshi Ishikawa’s small restaurant has been here for decades, popular for its high-quality fish, large sashimi platters, and signature “grapefruit surprise” in which the fruit’s flesh is partially scooped out and replaced with king crab, salmon, tuna, scallop, and daikon. Great fish in the desert obviously comes at a price, while the charm of hostess Terri Ishikawa is free and infectious. 1555 S Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs; 760-327-6601.

Las Casuelas Terraza: You’re here at this adobe-roofed hacienda and so is everyone else. This family-style Mexican spot has a pretty good brunch, a solid tequila selection, and an even better atmosphere, stuffed with gee-gaws from floor to head and wafting with the strains of live music. We recommend the chile rellenos. 222 S. Palm Springs Dr. Palm Springs; 760-325-2794.

Elmer’s: This 53-year-old diner chain from the Northwest serves giant German breakfasts to a vintage clientele, famous for its light, large sugar-dusted pancakes, avocado-layered benedicts, and soups and salads with a Seattle provenance. Perfect for launching an attack on your hangover. 1030 E. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs.

Five More Restaurant Gems on The Road to Coachella