What To Expect at David LeFevre’s Fishing With Dynamite, Opening Later This Month in Manhattan Beach

David LeFevre
David LeFevre Photo: Fishing With Dynamite

David LeFevre single-handedly gave the city cause to venture to The South Bay for dinner when he opened the sublime M.B Post two years ago in Manhattan Beach. Later this month, LeFevre will open a smaller seafood-centric restaurant named Fishing With Dynamite, spanning both coasts and myriad styles for a new neighborhood restaurant that should again lure the city to its southern shores.

LeFevre is a certified seafood nut, having spent summers on the Eastern shore of Virginia as a boy and perfecting his knowledge and care through a seven year stint as Water Grill’s executive chef. The aim at Fishing with Dynamite, according to the restaurant’s reps, is to highlight the freshest and most prized seafood, with a central raw bar bearing oysters, Cherry Stone clams, Dungeness crab, and Santa Barbara uni on three choices of towers, along with an “old-school” menu selection of dishes like Maryland blue crab cakes with house pickles and New England chowder with Manila clams.

The menu will also feature sections for “New School” seafood, offering tastes like Miso Alaskan black cod with gingered eggplant and Thai basil, and grilled ocotpus with tomato-harissa-date chutney. A “No School” section eschews seafood for a flat iron steak with shishito peppers and soy lime gastrique and cripsy pork belly with white corn grits and green tomato relish. Guests can choose from an “After School” menu, as well, offering desserts like a cold blueberry lemon shake with pan perdue.

Meanwhile, MB Post GM Jerry Garbus will oversee the drinks program, working with the chef on cocktails, craft beer, and wine that pairs well with seafood. The FC Studio-designed room, we’re told, is paneled with white wood that might recall a sand-swept Nantucket Victorian, while a floor of colored tiles gives off more of a West Coast warmth reminiscent of the sunset. Walls will be hung with LeFevre’s own personal collection while ample sun shines through the 36-seat restaurant, hung with Japanese buoys.

Fishing with Dynamite, which counts Mike Simms of Simmzy’s as its managing partner, will initially open for dinner at 5:30 P.M., to be followed by lunch service soon after.

Fishing with Dynamite, 1148 Manhattan Ave. Manhattan Beach.

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What To Expect at David LeFevre’s Fishing With Dynamite, Opening Later This