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Artist David Choe Leads Anthony Bourdain To KTown’s Best Dumplings

Korean mandu
Korean mandu Photo: The Delicious Life/Flickr

L.A.’s Koreatown neighborhood seems to be on everyone’s lips these days and last night it was the focus of Anthony Bourdain’s new hour-long CNN show, Parts Unknown. Tony was lead through the streets by Kogi chef Roy Choi, who got in a plug for SPAM through a visit to his own Chinatown restaurant Chego, though the stuff was later sidestepped at Jollibee for a cup of halo-halo. The highlight of the show occurred when Bourdain linked up with wildman-artist-cum-itinerant-Facebook-multimillionaire David Choe, who took Tony to his parents’ house for a home-cooked meal starring a big bubbling pot of galbi jjim.

Once outside of the Choe household, the two hosts let loose at the Choe’s best discovery, Myung In Dumplings. Though the duo compared the restaurant’s delicate, hand-made morsels to “prolapsed buttholes,” it still didn’t dull our enthusiasm for the several varieties of traditional Korean and Chinese-hybrid mandu that Choe cites as the best Korean dumplings in town. Better yet, despite the place having stood here for more than ten years, Choe says it’s “always empty.” We expect that to change now that Bourdain is blowing up the spot, but still looking forward to joining the scrum for a bite.

Myung In Dumplings, 3109 W Olympic Blvd. Koreatown.

Artist David Choe Leads Anthony Bourdain To KTown’s Best Dumplings