Chez Melange Serving Seven Courses of Goat, Monday April 8

“That goat is weird! He has devil eyes!” Photo: Floodllama/Flickr

We can hardly resist an evening entirely dedicated to goat, the lean meat whose flavor lands softly, split seconds before it blasts your soft palate with a distinct barnyard funk of wet wool and sweet game. This Monday, April 8, Damian Ross, the chef at Redondo Beach’s Chez Melange, will prepare a seven-course nose-to-tail menu using two Boer goats being delivered to the restaurant this Friday. Called “Ode to the Goat,” the $55 per person dinner begins with a Thai goat curry tartare with rice toast, includes goat sirloin kababs, Korean goat galbi, and sausage, with a goat cheese cake with huckleberries for dessert. Goat lovers can get reservations to Monday’s dinner, where there will be seatings every half hour starting at 5:30 P.M., at 310-540-1222. See the full menu below.

Ode to the Goat - Nose to Tail Dinner -
Monday, April 8th 2013
$55 per person + tax and service


-Thai Goat Curry Tartare, Rice Toast

-Lentil Pancake, Purslane, Goat Yogurt Vinaigrette

-Goat Sirloin Kabobs Saffron Bulgur, Fava Beans

-Sausage, Ramp Gnudi, Morels, Asparagus, Salsify

-Korean ‘Short Ribs” Cucumber -Radish Kimchi

-Mole Negro
Plantain Empanada

-Goat Cheesecake, Cajeta, Huckleberries

Chez Melange Serving Seven Courses of Goat, Monday April 8