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Cheu Noodle Bar Rolls Out a New Menu

The lamb neck and noodles remain the same.
The lamb neck and noodles remain the same. Photo: Collin Keefe

Cheu Noodle dudes Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh send word today that they’ve gone back to the drawing board, and revamped the menu at their just two-weeks old noodle bar. Most of the dishes they opened with remain, some are slightly tweaked, while others are all new. New small plates include fish ribs served with jicama, tamarind and herb; barbecued pig’s tails with ramp kimchi (of course) and sesame; and beef tongue fried rice with peas and fried egg. A couple new veggie-friendly items have been added too. They include a snap pea, avocado and radish salad in a mint-chili vinaigrette; and long beans with burnt onion and quinoa. For the time being, Cheu remains BYOB, but a liquor license is imminent. They’re just waiting for final approval on it. Keep reading to see the new menu.

Small Plates
Snap Pea Salad - avocado, radish, mint, chili vinaigrette (v) 7
Broccoli - vietnamese sausage, peanut, soy 7
Long Beans - burnt onion, fried quinoa (v) 7
Buns - cheeseburger - mung bean - pork belly 2 ea
Crispy Rice Cakes - beef cheek, mushrooms 9
Fish Ribs - jicama, tamarind, herbs 8
BBQ Pig Tails - ramp kimchi, sesame 9
Black Garlic Wings - shishito peppers, herbs 8
Beef Tongue Fried Rice - peas, fried egg 9

Ramen - pork, egg, sea beans, greens 12
Brisket - egg, matzo ball, cabbage, chile broth 13
Miso - smoked tofu, mushrooms (v) 10
Peanut - ground duck, water spinach, foie gras 13
Lamb Neck - pickled mustard greens, cumin, date 12
Cold Sesame - cucumber, seaweed, cilantro (v) 10

Scrapple - pickles 4
Dumplings - chili oil 3
Cheu Kimchi 3

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Cheu Noodle Bar Rolls Out a New Menu