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Cape May’s Ebbitt Room ‘Harvests’ Homegrown Hogs For Its Dining Series Kick-Off

Everything but the oink!
Everything but the oink! Photo: Collin Keefe

Cape May’s the last place you’d expect to find heritage hog farming. But that’s exactly the location of Beach Plum Farm, a green-acred oasis lovingly tilled by Chef Anthony Micari and staff the Ebbitt Room at the Virginia Hotel. And among the many homegrown veggies and greens nurtured at the farm for use at the restaurant and others included in the Cape Resorts Group’s portfolio, are chickens, and Berkshire pigs. In honor of the the first “harvest” of said pigs, Micari is hosting “Pigs and Pinot” this Thursday as the first installment of his dining series that showcases the farm’s bounty.

“Harvested” pigs will be prepared in a variety of creative ways to truly utilize everything but the oink. Dishes include 48-hour braised cheek ravioli; pork belly porchetta; roasted bone-in loin chop; housemade scrapple; and more. The dinner runs $75 per person, and includes Pinot pairings with each course. Reservations are required, and can be booked here.

Cape May’s Ebbitt Room ‘Harvests’ Homegrown Hogs For Its