Vartan Abgaryan and Matt Biancaniello Team Up Tomorrow For Game, Geoduck, and Grasshoppers at Cliff’s Edge

Cliff's Edge
Cliff’s Edge Photo: Cliff’s Edge

Tomorrow night at Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake, chef Vartan Abgaryan continues his weekly collaboration with Matt Biancaniello, the former tender at Library Bar known for his culinary cocktails and obscure or innovative ingredients. So far, the tag-teaming has spawned some very cool recipes, including drinks like a bone marrow fat-washed bourbon with beer air, Pinot Noir, agave, and blood orange juice paired to smoked sweetbreads at the duo’s debut dinner, which replicated a full day’s meals at one dinner (kind of like an edible version of 24).

This Wednesday night’s dinner sounds like a doozy as well, as the partnership plans a $65 prix-fixe menu titled “I’m Game,” featuring wild boar spare ribs served with a rum cocktail bearing white mulberries, wild elder flowers, and sea asparagus, and asparagus in ostrich egg gribiche paired to a mugwort-infused Amontillado with wheat grass infused-Saint Germain foam and blood orange. And what’s that we hear for dessert? Fried grasshoppers with lobster ice cream and coffee stout. Check out the full menu below, with reservations at 323-666-6116.

’I’m Game’
At Cliff’s Edge
$65 per person


Geoduck Clam with mango, lemon, and chili
Paired w/ Tequila, cumin simple syrup, nori, lemon, sea urchin puree, applewood smoked Salt

Asparagus, in Ostrich Egg Gribichd
Paired w/ mugwort infused amontillado sherry, blood orange, wheat grass infused saint Germain foam

Smoked Pheasant, Venison, Herbs, Broth
Paired w/ genever, daisy tangerines, lovage, aperol, ghost pepper salt

Wild Boar Spare Rib, BBQ, Spring Slaw
Paired w/ rhum, white mulberries, sea asparagus and wild elder flowers

Chapulines, Toffee, Pecans, Chocolate
Paired w/ lobster infused ice cream, chocolate coffee stout, home made wild sage lemon soda and dehydrated lobster chip

Vartan Abgaryan and Matt Biancaniello Team Up Tomorrow For Game, Geoduck, and