13 North, a ‘New Filipino’ Concept, Pops Up in Lot 7 Space

Inclano's take on <em>embutido</em>.
Inclano’s take on embutido.

The other week we noted the sudden closure of Lot 7, the year-old seafood spot at Valencia and 21st. Then over the weekend we spotted the space buzzing with business again, and it turns out that it was taken over by a “New Filipino” pop-up called 13 North. It’s the project of two friends who grew up together on the island of Guam, chef Bayani Inclano, Jr. and Shawn Camacho. Much like Brian Fernando is doing with Sri Lankan food at 1601 Bar & Kitchen, Chef Inclano is looking at Filipino cuisine through a modern, Californian lens. As he says, the Filipino food he grew up with was always “a one pot medley of comfort. The concept [at 13 North] is to remove the ‘one pot,’ but the comfort remains. A deconstruction if you will. Have each ingredient shine separately.”

Inclano and Camacho bring a combined 22 years of experience in the restaurant industry, with Inclano having worked at Saison and on the opening team at Rich Table. They call their curated menu of Filipino flavors, “A representation of ourselves on each plate.” Their first outing as 13 North came in March in the old Saison digs behind the Stable Cafe, and this past weekend was their second stint — they’ll now be taking a break for a few weeks to return to Guam for Camacho’s wedding.

Dishes from this past weekend included sinigang with manila clams, chicharon, tamarind, guava, Early Girl tomatoes, spring onions, and green garlic; and embutido (Filipino meatloaf) with banana, brown butter shallots, olive tapenade, raisins, huile de espagnol, carrots. See the full menu and some photos here.

Keep up with them and their future pop-ups via Facebook or their website. Expect Lot 7, though, to remain dark again this week.

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13 North, a ‘New Filipino’ Concept, Pops Up in Lot 7 Space