Where Do Chefs Go After Work? Korean BBQ and Tacos.

You’ve been cooking fancy food, sweating a storm, and it’s 1 a.m. Where do you go for a bite and a drink? Years ago it seemed like the answer chefs gave to that question was sushi… specifically Paradise Sauna, which had a sushi bar as well as a sauna and massages (and we’ll let it drop right there). There was truth in that answer but we also suspected chefs didn’t want to mention a rival— or anger a friend by not naming them. So late night Asian was a politically safe answer. Well, they shut Paradise and put up a taqueria, but the Huffington Post poses the question to two dozen present day chefs and the overwhelming answers are… one, late night Asian, especially the 24-hour Korean BBQ joint San Soo Gab San:

The food hits the spot for soaking up copious amounts of booze and grilling your own meat table-side is always a good idea when intoxicated. —Jared Wentworth, Longman & Eagle

And two, late night tacos, with three standouts: La Pasadita, Big Star and Arturo’s. But there are definitely some surprises in terms of where you might catch which chefs. Our life is surely enhanced by knowing this about ultra-luxe Sixteen chef Thomas Lents, for instance:

There is a beef stand called Duk’s Red Hots on Ashland. It’s perfect for grabbing an Italian Beef late-night.

And then there’s John Manion of La Sirena Clandestina, who dispenses with the food part entirely:

“Late night I often head to Gold Star Bar. There is always a glass of brown liquor with my name on it.”
Where Do Chefs Go After Work? Korean BBQ and Tacos.