What’s Beverly Kim Up To Now? $29 and The Trib Will Get You The Answer

Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark.
Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark. Photo: Galdones Photography

The last time we saw Beverly Kim (at this event) she was talking about the restaurant concept she and husband Johnny Clark were working on. Then we saw tweets from her about teaching at Kendall College— and now Kevin Pang in the Tribune fills in the story. It’s a short term gig through June, which she hopes will end when her own restaurant begins the process of opening, but teaching fits perfectly with having young kids, and Kim works well with not-so-young kids:

“What I didn’t realize was how gratifying it can be,” Kim said. “These students are so eager, soaking up every word you say. You don’t always get that running a place where people clock in and clock out.”

Kim, who went to Kendall a decade ago, is teaching a top level course (CUL-249) where students are expected to generate ideas for their own dishes, not just learn to do old ones the right way, and some of what they come up sounds like something we’d like to try. Which, as it turns out, you can— there’s a three-course set dinner prepared by the class, Tuesdays through Fridays, for just $29. The current session ends March 16 but it resumes April 11; go here for more details. [Tribune]

What’s Beverly Kim Up To Now? $29 and The Trib Will Get You The Answer