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Citizens of Santa Monica Cry: ‘We Do Not Want Another Starbucks!’

Throw it on the ground!
Throw it on the ground! Photo: e-magic/Flickr

Starbucks, which strong-armed its way to ubiquity through aggressive expansion tactics, is currently trying to take over Farrah’s Florist in Santa Monica, roughly two blocks away from a Vons-attached Starbucks on Wilshire and 11th Street. The owner of the 25-year-old shop, which faces Melisse, apparently encountered an unexpected sign hanging on the store telling him to vacate the location in 90 days, despite his insistence that he’s paid his rent on time all along. Fortunately Farrah’s has friends on its side, with a group calling itself Citizens of Santa Monica currently opposing the forced relocation with a petition to save the flower shop that plainly states, “Santa Monica residents DO NOT WANT another Starbucks. There are already 4 on Wilshire Blvd.!”

Todd Rick Allen reports that Farrah’s is just the current example in a fight residents are engaged in an effort to preserve Santa Monica, which is currently undergoing massive redevelopment. To get a gander at the petition, have a look here before the debate goes to a City Coucil meeting on March 18.

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Citizens of Santa Monica Cry: ‘We Do Not Want Another Starbucks!’