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Rihanna Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day at Lexicon; Gerard Butler Drinks Soda at Ainsworth Place

Obviously, “the whole place went nuts for her.” Photo: Splash News

Per usual, celebrities emerged from the cold this week to bop around town at restaurants and bars. Rihanna shocked the crowd by stopping at Lexicon during her St. Patrick’s Day crawl; at Ainsworth Place, Gerard Butler shocked us by ordering soda; and David Mamet’s directorial efforts brought two Girls cast members to Porter House New York. This, and more, in our weekly cataloging of celebrity appearances.

A Voce Columbus: The Upper West Side restaurant sat Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones for a double date with Steven Soderbergh and Jules Asner. [Page Six/NYP]

ABC Kitchen: Jennifer Garner stopped by to enjoy the Dan Kluger’s food. [Page Six/NYP]

Ainsworth Park: Gerard Butler stopped by the Union Square bar for a Coke after a screening of Olympus Has Fallen. [NYDN]

Isabella’s: Kevin Spacey jumped out of Netflix screens addictively streaming House of Cards to grab brunch at this Upper West Side spot. [Page Six/NYP]

Izakaya Ten: Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage choose sushi and beer for a date night with his wife at the Chelsea restaurant. Good choice; it’s one of our top picks for coolest izakayas. [NYDN]

Lexicon: Rihanna slipped into this midtown east bar during a St. Patrick’s Day crawl with her brother, but then “the whole place went nuts for her.” How surprising! [NYDN]

Lure Fishbar: Katie Holmes conducted a business meeting with two men at the Soho seafood spot. Bethenny Frankel ate a table nearby. [Page Six/NYP]

Porter House New York: Al Pacino and Jeffrey Tambor joined the rest of the upcoming HBO film Phil Spector for dinner at Michael Lomonaco’s restaurant. Zosia Mamet brought fellow “Girls” star Alison Williams along to support her father, director David Mamet. [NYDN]

Roc: Former First Lady Laura Bush took daughters Jenn and Barbara out
for dinner at the girls’ regular Tribeca spot. George was likely painting at home. [NYDN]

Sardi’s: Someone tweeted a photo of Jason Bateman with Emmy Rossum
at this old-school Times Square restaurant. [Smarp]

Tao: SNL’s Kenan Thompson did Bill Cosby impressions in honor of his wife’s birthday at the scene-y midtown east Asian restaurant. [Page Six/NYP]

T.G.I. Friday’s: Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn celebrated St. Paddy’s Day here. We hope she allowed herself at least two pigs-in-a-blanket. [NYDN]

Rihanna Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day at Lexicon; Gerard Butler Drinks Soda