Pleasant House Bakery Challenges You To Find Its New Location

Well, here’s a devilish bit of cheek from everyone’s favorite English pie shop in Bridgeport: Pleasant House Bakery is opening a second location, somewhere in Chicago. (This is separate from their production facility inside The Plant. Or is it?) And rather than tell you, rather than tell one of your favorite food sites, according to their newsletter they’re going to make you guess:

As fans of Agatha Christie, Encyclopedia Brown, and even J. B. Fletcher, we love a good mystery. In the coming days we will be offering clues that will help unveil our new Pleasant House location. Think you know where we’ll be? Email us photos of your evidence at And remember: it pays to keep your proof a secret! All correct answers will be entered in a drawing, and one lucky sleuth among you will win dinner for two at the new location.

Now here’s the other thing, which is that there’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma here: it may not just be another Pleasant House Bakery. As the note goes on to note:

We know that suspense can be terrifying. Let’s start with a few common questions (answers below): 1. What will you be serving? 2. How will the place look? 3. Any other surprises we should know about? 4. Where will it be? We will be sharing snapshots of our progress, answering these and other questions, on Facebook and Twitter.

(Answers: 1. Royal Pies and other brilliant specialties, including a really top-secret surprise 2. Fabulous 3. Absolutely, and that’s part of the mystery 4. Nice try)

Remember that owners Art and Chelsea Jackson were more than just bakers— he as chef of Bijan’s, she as a pastry chef— before they started making everyone’s favorite savory pies. So there are a lot of possibilities here— and the game is afoot!

Pleasant House Bakery Challenges You To Find Its New Location