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Are Party Buses Really at the Root of Old City’s Problems?

Old City
Old City Photo: B. Krist for GPTMC

Much has been said in recent years about the rampant booze-fueled brawls and other incidents of late night drunken dumb-assery that spill out all over the streets of Old City weekend after weekend after bars there ring the bell for last call. And yet not much has been done to identify the cause of these perennial problems. Nor what action can be taken to prevent them from recurring. That is until now. According to the Inky, Capt. Brian Korn of the Sixth Police District, which covers Old City, punched up a sobering message to business owners in the O.C., warning them of the “Animal House” atmosphere that hauling college kids into the neighborhood via party buses creates.

In his message, Korn says unruly college-aged kids bussed in from elsewhere continue to damage the neighborhood’s already tarnished rep as a weekend wasteland of poorly behaved youngsters, and as the one place in Philly where you’re most likely to get your ass kicked for no good reason on Saturday night. Though he has no authority to do much about it, he urges bar owners to refrain from working with promoters who organize the buses. “If you’re doing it, or thinking about doing it, please stop. And if a bus of college students show up at your door, tell them, no,” his message reads.

But is putting an end to boozy bus trips enough to quell Old City’s problems? Doubtful. But it’s at least a step in the right direction.

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Are Party Buses Really at the Root of Old City’s Problems?