These Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Contest Qualifiers Are Still Hungry

The contenders: Marie and Shoudt.
The contenders: Marie and Shoudt. Photo: Larell Marie /”The Real Deal”; Notorious B.O.B.

On the left is Larell Marie, who goes by “the Real Deal.” Larell can eat three pounds of French fries in nine minutes and fifteen slices of pizza in ten. Her husband Vito worries about her when she lingers for hours at all-you-can-eat-buffets. “I’m stretching my stomach out,” she tells him, and he nods. Larell will turn 50 next year. On Sundays, she and Vito go to church, but this past Saturday, the Real Deal went to Coney Island and ingested seventeen hot dogs in ten minutes.

The gentleman with the oversize necklace is Bob Shoudt, or the “Notorious B.O.B..” Bob once ate 36 peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches in ten minutes. He’d like Hyundai to know he’ll endorse its Velostar, especially if the automobile-maker can “help him out a little on the purchase price.” (His color preference is Marathon Blue.) On December 3, 2009, Bob ate 23.4 pounds of salmon chowder in New York City. It took him six minutes, and he even used a spoon the whole time. Over the weekend, in the company of Larell and several others, Bob ate 36 hot dogs in ten minutes.

As victors of the first Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest qualifier to take place in Coney Island since the fast-food restaurant reopened on the boardwalk after Hurricane Sandy, Bob and Larell will be stretching their stomachs out for the next few months as the chain holds more qualifiers. This is what their stomachs will look like, X-rayed, during this time. Nathan’s at Surf and Stillwell Avenues is still closed, but its boardwalk location has reopened; you may want to visit in your downtime to gauge your personal limit, or perhaps just marvel at the beachy scene, where on July 4, tens of thousands will gather to watch the final roster of competitive eaters engage in one of the most simultaneously impractical yet impressive things a human being can do.

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These Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Contest Qualifiers Are Still Hungry