What to Eat at MSG, Popping Up Weekly at Brick House in Venice

Brickhouse Venice
Brickhouse Venice Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Ari Taymor’s Alma may have moved from Venice before it reached critical acclaim, but it looks as though a large part of Alma is returning to the city by the sea. Derrick de Jesus, the former Alma chef de cuisine who runs his own pop-up every Monday called MSG, informs Grub Street that he’s being joined at The Brick House Kitchen in Venice by fellow former Alma staffers Kris Yamashiro and Nick Zepatos. The trio will be cooking there through this summer, collaborating on de Jesus’ menu that centers on a serving of shio ramen, with other Asian-influenced dishes like house-baked bread, spread in butter treated with koji, the same fungus used to ferment soybeans, as well as Korean-style pickles, and miso clams grilled with bincho. See De Jesus’ full menu below, currently served every Monday at Brickhouse, and make your reservations over email.


Koji cultured butter and house bread

Korean style pickle plate

Crispy potato with seaweeds and bonito

Bincho grilled clams & miso

Shio style ramen

Benneflour cookies and cream

What to Eat at MSG, Popping Up Weekly at Brick House in Venice