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Meadowood Introduces Three-Course Option, New Bar Menu

The dining room at Meadowood.
The dining room at Meadowood. Photo: Kreel Films

The Restaurant at Meadowood has just undergone some winter remodeling, including a new sheltered entry and an expanded bar area designed by architect Howard Backen. And with the new bar comes some new, affordable menu options as well. There are now 18 seats in the bar, which are available by reservation starting at 5 p.m., and guests have the option of just having a drink or a glass of wine and choosing from some new $20 “snack” items, or trying their $90 three-course menu. Restaurant director Nathaniel Dorn says the casual menu options were “inspired by the members of our local community who enjoy coming into The Restaurant mid-week,” like winemakers who stop in at the end of their workday for a light meal. (And it’s not unlike the new bar menu introduced at Saison, here in the city.)

Other changes in the space include a new private dining room that seats twelve, and a new, walnut-lined wine cellar off the main dining room where the former, four-seat private dining room used to be. The regular menu in the restaurant remains a customized, ever-changing thing, and for $225 per person chef Christopher Kostow draws on the restaurant’s current repertoire and available ingredients to create a series of around nine dishes specific to each table’s tastes.

The restaurant, as you likely know, is the only other one in the Bay Area besides the French Laundry that holds three Michelin stars, and Michael Bauer renewed their four stars in the Chronicle last year as well.

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Meadowood Introduces Three-Course Option, New Bar Menu