It’s Happening Again: Macaron Day 2013 Is Tomorrow

Hope you're ready.
Hope you’re ready. Photo: Melissa Hom

Yes, it’s that time once more, that late winter day when Earth’s mightiest forces of patisserie band together in order to spread the gospel of pastel-colored, meringuelike cookies. François Payard has enlisted luminaries like Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, and a dozen others in the service of the pretty sweet holiday. Walk in to any of these places tomorrow and say you’re there for Macaron Day 2013, and you will be given a free cookie. It’s that simple. A portion of sales benefits City Harvest, so you should probably get out there and buy a dozen. Straight ahead, a helpful map, and more information on tomorrow’s events.

Here’s where to score — click to enlarge the map:

Macaron Day NYC 2013 [Official site]

It’s Happening Again: Macaron Day 2013 Is Tomorrow