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Jason Fullilove Making Danny Boyle’s Films Palatable at LACMA

Next month LACMA will celebrate film through a dinner series at its cafe. Funnily enough, the museum isn’t picking the food-friendly retrospective of Ang Lee or Jūzō Itami to kick things off, but will instead match dishes to the work of Danny Boyle, who terrified us all through the last decade with athletic zombies, self-amputation, and heroin addiciton. On April 1, Patina’s LACMA Cafe chef Jason Fullilove will offer a $40 four-course menu featuring dishes like a duck egg with duck sausage and pickled glasswort to commemorate Trainspotting and a corned beef heart with fried calves brain to symbolize 28 Days Later. Later in the month, Fullilove will tackle Invasion of the Body Snatchers with dishes like cox comb and truffle air before holding a midnight “Breakfast for Dinner” meal in celebration of The Clock’s return to L.A. Reservations can be made at 323-377-2698 and the full menu is below. Just keep your arms away from Levitated Mass.


RED: Danny Boyle

Trainspotting (1996)
A “RED” Scotch Egg
Duck Egg, Duck Sausage, Pipette of Beet Coulis, Pickled Glasswort

28 Days Later (2002)
Duck Liver Mouse, Corned Beef Heart, Fried Calves Brains, Pickled Garden Vegetables, Jalapeno and Tomato Jams

Slum Dog Millionaire (2007)
Coconut Curry Lamb Belly, Sag Paneer, Pilau Rice, Raita, Mango Pickle, Grilled Naan

127 Hours (2010)
Stone Fruit Trio
Peach Clafouti, Stone Fruit Soda, Stone Fruit Sorbet, Pop Rocks and Buzz Button Trance

Jason Fullilove Making Danny Boyle’s Films Palatable at LACMA